Racism in Israel


“When Israel secretly airlifted waves of Ethiopian Jews in the 1980s and 1990s, saving them from war and famine in the Horn of Africa, it was celebrated as a triumphant show of unity for the Jewish people.”
Quote by mintpress.com

Now, 2016, Israel did the same thing with Yemeni Jews. The IAF went to Yemen and airlifted them out of the country. There was a ‘reunion’ for them once back in Israel.

About thirty years after the first large groups of Ethiopians arrived, few in the community are celebrating. Israel’s black Jewish minority is plagued by poverty, crime and unemployment, and their brewing frustrations over racism and lack of opportunity have boiled over into an unprecedented outburst of violent protests against them, throwing rocks, other things, waving ‘ISIS-like’ flags, as well as the apartheid flag (flag of Israel), in their face and shouting the most vulgar of words at them.


This has nothing to do with the Palestinians either, this is right in Israel, on the streets evangelical Christians pay for; and the PM, Benjamin Netanyahu get’s in on this himself, calling them vulgar names and best ‘a cancer.’

The unrest has laid bare the struggles of absorption and the rocky attempts of the state to integrate them into a society for which they were ill-prepared. Caught off-guard, Israel’s leaders vowed to respond to the community’s ‘grievances’ at a time but obviously never did, all you have to do is visit (not tour) Israel today to see racism and hear discrimination everywhere.



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