Within these posts I have recorded information about actual forgotten wars, such as Yemen, wars that are ridiculously ongoing and oppressing innocent people every day and specific details of these conflicts, such as the death of Fareed Shawky in Yemen, or Rachel Corrie in Palestine.  Also I record theology that starts these attacks and wars, for example the Joshua theology, or on the other hand, the Samson Option, which would end the war and whole world, a mass-suicide option the colony of Israel uses as a threat.

I write mostly about the Middle East but do not limit my posts to that region of the world. I do so because this blog-site corresponds directly with my twitter account (@jedwardhelm, username: The Forgotten Wars) and is also linked to my facebook account, both of witch I use as a mean to address Middle East wars/conflicts.

There are also some posts about contradictory subjects of war, recent or old, and once in a great while I post about subjects that have nothing to do with war at all.


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